Saturday, May 5, 2012

His Beauty

His cheeks are as a bed of spices, as sweet flowers.
­­--Song of Solomon 5:13
            The flowery month is here! March winds and April showers have done their work, and the earth is all adorned in beauty. Come, my soul, and put on your holiday attire; go forth to gather garlands of heavenly thoughts. You know where to go, for you know well the “bed of spices.” You have often smelled the perfume of “sweet flowers.” You will go at once to your Well Beloved and find all loveliness and all joy in Him. 

That cheek—once so rudely smitten with a rod, often wet with tears of sympathy and then defiled with spit—that cheek, as it smiles with mercy, is a fragrant aroma to my heart. You did not hide Your face from shame and spit, O Lord Jesus; therefore, I will find my dearest delight in praising You. Those cheeks were furrowed by the plow of grief and crimsoned with red lines of blood from Your thorn-crowned temples. Such marks of limitless love cannot but charm my soul far more than great quantities of perfume. 

If I may not see the whole of His face, I would behold His cheeks, for the least glimpse of Him is exceedingly refreshing to my spiritual sense and yields a variety of delights. In Jesus I find not only fragrance, but a “a bed of spices”; not one flower, but all manner of “sweet flowers.” He is to me my Rose and My Lily, my heart’s comfort and my healing balm. When He is with me, it is May all year round. My soul goes forth to wash its happy face in the morning dew of His grace and to comfort itself with the singing of the birds of His promises. 

Precious Lord Jesus, let me truly know the blessedness that dwells in abiding, unbroken fellowship with You. I am a poor worthless one, whose cheek You have deigned to kiss! Oh, let me kiss You in return with the kisses of my lips.

--Charles Spurgeon

Jesus, move me to action. I have been changed by Your love; Your beautiful love. Send me out in that love. Break my heart Jesus, break my heart for the very people who turn against You. Break my heart over my sin, and continue to heal my past, and pour Your grace out on me daily. I NEED YOU.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cry of Truth

For all of those in need of prayer:

I need to tell you this! 
You need to be praying! 
That's how these situations are conquered. 
Through prayer! Your prayers and the prayers of others!
So stay in a spirit of prayer.
Do not let go of God; do not stop praying.

The accusations of the enemy are not valid in God's ears because you are covered with the blood of Christ. 

There is no condemnation through Christ. 

We are not conformed to this world,
 but we are transformed by the renewal of our mind 
taking every thought captive in obedience to Christ. 

You have been given authority over All the power of the enemy. 

We have crucified our flesh with Christ 
and God has given us a new life. 

No accusation against you can stand 
and I pray that no foothold will be gained by the enemy because of his work against you right now.
In Jesus name I tear down any stronghold of the enemy! 

God is before you and behind you 
and He has chosen YOU to fight, 
you mighty man or woman of valor. 

Stand firm in the power of Jesus Christ. 

God is with you. 
You fight in the power of Jesus name; 
therefore, nothing can stand against you! 

We fight in the Power of God! 
with the Armor of God! 
In the Spirit of God! 

God has put us on the high ground. 

He has placed us high upon a rock 
to see all the movements of the enemy. 

In fact, 
not only are the enemy's movement's 
and plans revealed to us through God's word, 
but we know the outcome! 


I pray the cleansing blood of Jesus 
over your mind and your thoughts 
and more than anything
 I pray that YOU WOULD PRAY! 
I love you and I want you to pray 
whether or not you should be doing something else right now.